Budget Travel In Nashville: Airbnb Hostels & Blues Bars

Isn’t it funny how you meet people while travelling, sometimes get to know them really well and then part ways and never see or speak to them again?

I met a guy in the shared Airbnb hostel in  Nashville, TN. He was from Cork and I’m from London so we bonded over our shared part of the world, although he was slightly offended that I’ve never actually been to the Republic of Ireland – despite having an Irish passport! We were both travelling alone so we decided to explore Nashville together.

The American Parthenon

Did you know that Nashville has a full-size replica of the Greek Parthenon? I certainly didn’t. I’m not entirely sure why they have this Parthenon, but it’s pretty.

The Nashville Parthenon

Did someone go to Greece one day, see the Parthenon and decide that it would look really nice in Nashville? Should every city have their own Parthenon? How do the Greeks feel about it?


The Parthenon is a little strange, but it is located in Centennial Park which is really pretty.

Vanderbilt University

I find American Universities fascinating. I’ve heard about sororities, fraternities, secretive initiations and ‘Beta houses’, but as we don’t really have that in the UK I’ve never had the chance to experience it first hand.  I didn’t get to find out during my trip to Vanderbilt University, but it was still an interesting trip.

Armless statue escaping from college

My Irish friend and I pretended to be students so we could look at parts of the campus, and we got to see the cafeteria, the library and most of the grounds. When I was in the library I found an old travel journal from the 1700s and it made me realize that all these fancy ‘travel writings’ and books from the age of exploration are basically longer and more descriptive travel blogs.

The State Capital & The Bell

Nashville is really into their Greek revivalism.

Don’t shoot

The Irish guy and I walked up to the hill to State Capital and on the way, we came across statues, important buildings, and a big ass bell.


James Knox Polk

The guy decided it would be a great idea to ring the bell. It was not. The bell boomed on and on, making my ears ring with an all-encompassing sound that could wake a dead president.

Don’t ring the bell

We also passed by the Musicians Hall Of Fame, the Tennessee State Museum, and The Johnny Cash Museum. If I’d had another day in Nashville I would definitely have gone inside some of them. This time, however, I just wanted to do what I’d come to Nashville to do: drink and listen to country music.

Hall of Fame

The Country Music Strip In Nashville, TN

Touch the sky

The District in Nashville is full of live music bars. Most of them don’t have a cover charge, so whilst it is good to tip the musicians they won’t physically force you to do so.

Nashville, TN

The first bar we went to was a virtually empty place a few streets away from the main strip. I can’t remember the name of the bar, so if you recognize it please let me know!

Well hello

The bar had a pretty good happy hour (two drinks for $6!), the place had a really nice alternative vibe to it, and there were two guys playing blues music on the stage.

“So basically, if you don’t look like Gandolf or Betty White I’m going to need to see your ID”
The stage

They were really good too! After the first bar, we proceeded to the main district where we stared longingly at cowboy boots (they are not cheap in Nashville), took selfies with Elvis cutouts, and visited bars with hilarious names like ‘Nudies HonkyTonk’.

The Nashville strip is similar to Beale Street in the sense that it’s quite touristy and it’s hard to tell how much of a local scene still exists, but the majority of musicians we saw were really good and it felt authentic enough to me. The Honky Tonk franchise isn’t cheap, but you kind of need to go there for the novelty.

Honky Tonk t-shirts

I wish I’d had more time in the south (is Nashville in the south?)  but I only had two nights there. Stay tuned for Chicago, Jazz and musicians communes!

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