VIDEO: USA Solo Female Itinerary For New York to Los Angeles

Should You Travel To The USA As A Solo Female Traveller?

Before I travelled to the USA,  the only things I knew about this huge country came from Friends, How I Met Your Mother, South Park and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. 

My USA itinerary – from New York to LA

My trip wasn’t perfect. From Airbnb’s dented with bullet holes in the wall,  super Christian hostels that made me dust lamps for my (expensive) room and getting stranded on a long, dusty street in LA with a dead phone, there was plenty of stress, fear and confusion along the way.

Despite all the downsides, my trip to the USA was my favourite trip of all time. The US is such a diverse place where no one state is the same as the next. I spent five amazing days in New York and New Jersey, I experienced Southern charm in Charleston, I met amazing people in New Orleans, I rode the Elvis bus in Memphis,  I visited the Honky Tonks of Nashville, stayed in a musicians commune in Chicago,  got high in Wheatridge, visited Mormon temples in Salt Lake City, gambled in the adult playground which is Las Vegas, sunbathed in San Diego and saw the realities of Los Angeles.

Would I recommend travelling solo to the USA as a woman who can’t drive? Absolutely. The USA is so much more than New York, LA and Donald Trump. It is such a diverse, beautiful country which has to be seen to be believed.

Where Should I Visit In The USA?

I only saw a fraction of what I wanted to see in the USA, but this itinerary is a good starting point if you don’t drive and you want to see a variety of cities.

If you want to travel from New York to LA and you don’t plan on taking a traditional road trip, take a look at this video for inspiration.

Want to find out more about travelling through the USA without driving? Check out my handy itinerary, complete with prices and accommodation tips. 

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